Publishing an app to IBM App Center

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Publishing an app to App Center

IBM MobileFirst Foundation Application Center is a repository of mobile applications similar to public app stores but focused on the needs of an organization or a team. It is a private app store. For more information about App Center, refer here.

You can add your app to the repository on the server by using the Publish function in the Digital App Builder.

Note: Make sure your app is built without any error before publishing to app center.

  1. From your app project, click Publish. This will open up a popup with the platforms selected.


  2. Click Publish to App Center.

    Publish to App Center

  3. Select an existing App Center or click Connect New. Click Connect.
  4. This will build the package for the selected platform.
  5. For iOS only: Edit the app-build.json file and update the developmentTeam field with your Apple Developer Team ID. To find out the Team ID, login to Apple Developer Account.

    Publish iOS

  6. Click Publish once the packages are ready.
  7. On successful publishing, QR code is generated.

    Publish to App Center QR code

  8. You can verify the app is available in the App Center by logging into App Center > Application Management.

Note: You can reselect the platform required and build and publish the app to App Center.

Last modified on October 30, 2019