Setting up the Cordova development environment

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To get started with Cordova (PhoneGap) development the very basic required step is to install the Cordova CLI. The Cordova CLI is the tool enabling you to create Cordova applications. These applications can be further enhanced by using various 3rd party frameworks and tools such as Ionic, AngularJS, jQuery Mobile and many more. With Cordova applications you can use your preferred code editor, such as, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, IntelliJ and others for implementing your applications and adapters.

Prerequisite: As you setup your Cordova development environment, make sure to also read the Setting up the MobileFirst development environment tutorial.

Installing the Cordova CLI

Mobile Foundation supports Apache Cordova CLI 6.x or greater.
To install:

  1. Download and install NodeJS.
  2. From a Command-line window, run the command: npm install -g cordova.

Next steps

To continue with MobileFirst development in Cordova applications, the MobileFirst Cordova SDK/plug-ins need to be added to the Cordova application.

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Last modified on September 28, 2018