Interactive notifications

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With interactive notification, when a notification arrives, users can take actions without opening the application. When an interactive notification arrives, the device shows action buttons along with the notification message.

Interactive notifications are supported on devices with iOS version 8 and above. If an interactive notification is sent to an iOS device with version earlier than 8, the notification actions are not displayed.

Sending interactive push notification

Prepare the notification and send notification. For more information, see Sending push notifications.

You can set a string to indicate the category of the notification with the notification object, under MobileFirst Operations Console → [your application] → Push → Send Notifications → iOS custom settings. Based on the category value, the notification action buttons are displayed. For example:

Setting categories for iOS interactive notifications in the MobileFirst Operations Console

Handling interactive push notifications in Cordova applications

To receive interactive notifications, follow these steps:

  1. In the main JavaScript, define the registered categories for interactive notification and pass it to device register call MFPPush.registerDevice.

    var options = {
         ios: {
             alert: true,
             badge: true,
             sound: true,     
             categories: [{
                 //Category identifier, this is used while sending the notification.
                 id : "poll", 
                 //Optional array of actions to show the action buttons along with the message.    
                 actions: [{
                     //Action identifier
                     id: "poll_ok", 
                     //Action title to be displayed as part of the notification button.
                     title: "OK", 
                     //Optional mode to run the action in foreground or background. 1-foreground. 0-background. Default is foreground.
                     mode: 1,  
                     //Optional property to mark the action button in red color. Default is false.
                     destructive: false,
                     //Optional property to set if authentication is required or not before running the action.(Screen lock).
                     //For foreground, this property is always true.
                     authenticationRequired: true
                     id: "poll_nok",
                     title: "NOK",
                     mode: 1,
                     destructive: false,
                     authenticationRequired: true
                 //Optional list of actions that is needed to show in the case alert. 
                 //If it is not specified, then the first four actions will be shown.
                 defaultContextActions: ['poll_ok','poll_nok'],
                 //Optional list of actions that is needed to show in the notification center, lock screen. 
                 //If it is not specified, then the first two actions will be shown.
                 minimalContextActions: ['poll_ok','poll_nok'] 
  2. Pass the options object while registering device for push notifications.

    MFPPush.registerDevice(options, function(successResponse) {
      		navigator.notification.alert("Successfully registered");

Handling interactive push notifications in native iOS applications

Follow these steps to receive interactive notifications:

  1. Enable the application capability to perform background tasks on receiving the remote notifications. This step is required if some of the actions are background-enabled.
  2. Define registered categories for interactive notifications and pass them as options to MFPPush.registerDevice.

    //define categories for Interactive Push
    let acceptAction = UIMutableUserNotificationAction()
    acceptAction.identifier = "OK"
    acceptAction.title = "OK"
    acceptAction.activationMode = .Foreground
    let rejetAction = UIMutableUserNotificationAction()
    rejetAction.identifier = "Cancel"
    rejetAction.title = "Cancel"
    rejetAction.activationMode = .Foreground
    let category = UIMutableUserNotificationCategory()
    category.identifier = "poll"
    category.setActions([acceptAction, rejetAction], forContext: .Default)
    let categories:Set<UIUserNotificationCategory> = [category]
    let options = ["alert":true, "badge":true, "sound":true, "categories": categories]
    // Register device
     MFPPush.sharedInstance().registerDevice(options as [NSObject : AnyObject], completionHandler: {(response: WLResponse!, error: NSError!) -> Void in
Last modified on January 16, 2017