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IBM Mobile Foundation
IBM Mobile Foundation on OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) and IBM Cloud Paks for Applications (CP4A)
IBM Mobile Foundation is now supported on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.2 bringing along the flexibility to individually deploy and operate a subset of mobile services as required for your workloads.
IBM Mobile Foundation in CP4A is supplemented with Tekton Pipelines for a seamless CI/CD experience.
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In-App User Feedback
Mobile Foundation Analytics is enhanced to assist app owners or developers collect In-App user feedback, analyze and act on them. Using a single API, app developers can enable app users to capture screen shots of the application, annotate them with feedback comments and dispatch them instantly to Mobile Analytics service. Subsequently, app owners or developers can log in to the Analytics console and review the feedback.
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Low Code App Development with Digital App Builder
IBM Digital App Building brings in the following additions to enable rapid development of rich and interactive mobile applications.
Direct Update
Direct update, a flagship feature of Mobile Foundation, allows developers to push an update to the app without going through the app stores. A simple one-click option is provided in the Builder to take advantage of this feature.
Page templates in code project
Out-of-the-box page templates that significantly reduces the time to develop routinely used functions like login, chatbot, home, list, etc.
Encryption of Web resources
A new one-click option is provided to encrypt web resources in the app. This provides a basic level of obfuscation that helps in securing your app.
Integrated Development Server
A MobileFirst development server is now included to expedite the app development. Server lifecycle is seamlessly maintained by the Builder.
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Recent announcements
Application Center is now available inside DevKit
Application Center is now available as a package with DevKit. This enables developers to build apps and publish them to the private store, which is now available as part of the DevKit.
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Support for iOS 13 and Android 10
Mobile Foundation supports the latest frameworks released by Apple and Google with support for iOS 13, iPadOS and Android 10. The platform also provides an SDK for Swift 5.
Leverage the Adapter Grouping feature
Adapter Grouping improves runtime performance by distributing adapters into sets of Mobile Foundation nodes called groups, based on their usage frequency. Choose to scale-up or scale-down the selected Mobile Foundation nodes depending on the adapters deployed on them.
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