IBM Mobile Foundation and iOS 13

iOS 13 is here and IBM Mobile Foundation is pleased to announce that we have embraced the iOS 13 upgrade gracefully like every year.

In our previous blog post, we mentioned about the various new changes seen in iOS 13 and what you, as a developer should be doing about it. Existing application(s) that were created using Mobile Foundation Platform v7.1 and v8.0 will work as they did on previous versions of iOS even after upgrade to iOS 13.

We have validated Mobile Foundation v8.0 and v7.1 with the GM release of iOS 13, and all the major features listed below work fine on iOS 13.

  • Invoking backend procedures through adapters
  • Application Authenticity
  • Application management
  • JSONStore
  • Direct Update
  • Oauth handshake with Mobile Foundation server
  • Push notifications

Sample Images

Sample Images PushNotifications

Push Notifications

A fresh installation of apps using MobileFirst Push notification on iOS 13 causes failure in registration due to an error in parsing the token from APNS server. This issue is similar to one reported on the Apple Developer Forum. This has been addressed in the following iFixes.

  • Native iOS SDK v8 - IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationPush version 8.0.2019082914 or higher
  • Cordova SDK v8 - cordova-plugin-mfp-push version 8.0.2019090606 or higher
  • Mobile First v7.1 - iFix version or higher

iPadOS on ios 13

We are waiting for GM seed of iPadOS, please keep an eye on this blog for updates on iPadOS compatibility.

Last modified on September 20, 2019