Class WL.NativePage


Method Summary
Method Attributes Method Name and Description
show(className, callback, data)
Method Detail
show(className, callback, data)
className - Mandatory. String. The name of the native class. For iOS, the name of the class (for example, BarCodeController). For Android, the complete name of the class and package (for example, com.neebula.barcode.Scanner).
callback - Mandatory. Function. A function object that is called when the native page switches back to the web view. This function is passed a single JSON object parameter when invoked.
data - Optional. Object. A JSON object that is sent to the native class. For iOS, The data must be single string or a flat record of strings.
Since version 8.0 Switches the currently displayed, web-based screen with a natively written page
// Good"com.scan.BarCode", function(data){alert(data);}, {key1 : 'value1'});"com.scan.BarCode", function(data){alert(data);}, {key1 : 'value1', key2 : 'value2'});

// Bad"com.scan.BarCode", function(data){alert(data);}, {key1 : 'value1', innerStruct : {innerKey1 : 'innervalue1'}});

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