OOTB support for BlackBerry WebWorks 2.2

Contributed by: Rahul Raghuvanshi

BlackBerry released WebWorks SDK 2.0 beta in Q1 2014 for the BlackBerry 10.x OS. We had previoulsy published manual procedures for supporting an IBM MobileFirst hybrid applicaton with Webworks 2.0.

We have now released built-in support in IBM MobileFirst Studio for generating new projects with WebWorks SDK 2.2! Based on the SDK version the WEBWORKS_HOME environment variable is pointing to, MobileFirst Studio will generate a project structure in the required structure (for WebWorks 1.x or 2.x). This support is available in the latest iFixes of:

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.2.0
IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3.0 and future releases.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues via the comments area below.

Last modified on May 01, 2016