Support for iPhone 6/6 Plus-compatible application resolution in MobileFirst Platform v6.3 and earlier

The below is related only to MobileFirst Platform 6.3 and below.

In iOS, the application resolution is defined by the launch image provided in the application resources.
MobileFirst Studio creates a default launch image when creating a hybrid application with an iOS environment but it lacks support for iPhone 6/6 Plus resolution. Starting MFP v7.0, support is provided built-in.

In order to support higher resolution, you need to make some adjustments to the Xcode project:

  • Add high resolution image files for iPhone 6/6 Plus to the application resources.

    For example:
    Default-667h.png - image for iPhone 6
    Default-736h.png - image for iPhone 6 Plus.
    Default-736h-Landscape.png - image for iPhone 6 Plus in landscape orientation

  • Add a UILaunchImages property to yourAppName-info.plist in order to add all images items (low and high resolution) as follows:
    Note: The UILaunchImageName must be named exactly as the added and existing image files.


End result:

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Last modified on May 01, 2016