Mobile Foundation service introduces Cloud-friendly pricing plans

New pricing plans have been added to the Mobile Foundation Bluemix service.

Starting with the new Professional Per Capacity pricing plan, this cloud-friendly pricing model gives enterprises greater flexibility in how they deploy, from development, user acceptance testing (UAT), pre-production and production all on the cloud at a low price, but with great scale. This new pricing plan is based not on the number of deployed mobile apps or mobile devices, but rather on the capacity required to run the applications. You can now get started with everything you need for small production apps at a low entry cost and scale when you need.

Also introduced is a new pricing plan for team-based development called Developer Pro. Unlike the entry-level “Developer” plan, this new option offers full persistence of the environment being developed through a connection to a dashDB service on Bluemix. This new pricing plan can also be used for testing purposes, before going into production.

New pricing plans for the Mobile Foundation Bluemix plan

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Last modified on May 09, 2019