End of Support for Windows Phone 8.1 in Mobile Foundation

Microsoft announced the End of Support for Windows Phone 8.1 on July 11th, 2017. Customers need to upgrade to Windows 10 and build apps for UWP (Universal Windows Platform), which provides the common app platform for any device that runs Windows 10. Microsoft provides documentation for porting apps from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Inline with the announcement by Microsoft related to Windows Phone 8.1, IBM Mobile Foundation is announcing the End of Support for Windows Phone 8.1 from September 31st, 2018 for IBM Mobile Foundation V8, V7.1, V7.0, V6.3, Worklight V6.2 and Worklight 5.0.X. Mobile Foundation offers support for Windows 10 UWP, which can be used to build Windows applications. Customers who are still running old Windows 8.1 Phone applications kindly refer to the links shared below and port your applications to Windows 10.

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Last modified on June 27, 2018