Mobile Foundation v8.0 supports improved portability with consistent deployment between IBM Cloud Private on-premise and IBM Cloud Kubernetes service on Cloud

Last year we announced the ability for clients to deploy their existing Mobile Foundation v8.0 license using scripts on IBM Cloud Kubernetes clusters for workloads on public Cloud. This year we announced the ability to deploy Mobile Foundation v8.0 using Docker image and Helm charts on IBM Cloud Private for workloads on-premise. These deployment approaches were different though. However, many organizations are increasingly adopting a Hybrid cloud strategy to optimize the benefits of the different cloud environments for different workloads. Clients want the ability to easily move workloads between Public and Private cloud. For example, many clients want to develop and test on Public cloud and then deploy in production on-premise. Such scenarios require a consistent and efficient way to deploy Mobile Foundation easily in either environment.

We are excited to announce that IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0 will now support a consistent experience using Docker image and Helm charts for either deploying to IBM Cloud Kubernetes service or to IBM Cloud Private. This consistency helps simplify the deployment experience tremendously, while improving deployment times significantly, thereby empowering clients to build next-generation cognitive and engaging apps easily while standardizing on a modern and scalable mobile platform on IBM Cloud.

Download the IBM Mobile Foundation for IBM Cloud Private deployment package (part number CNX3IEN) from IBM Passport Advantage. The package includes Docker images and Helm Charts to deploy the following components:

  • IBM Mobile Foundation Server
  • IBM Mobile Analytics Server
  • IBM Mobile Foundation Application Center

To deploy the components on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and to run a sample application on Mobile Foundation, follow the instructions here.

If you own existing licenses of Mobile Foundation v8.0, you can use the same license entitlement to deploy your apps on Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud Private. To buy new licenses for Mobile Foundation v8.0, contact our sales team.

Note: With this announcement we are deprecating the earlier scripts used to deploy Mobile Foundation v8.0 on IBM Cloud Kubernetes clusters as announced here.

Last modified on May 09, 2019