MobileFirst Foundation 8.0 Developer Labs

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Lab Highlights

Pre-requisites and Setup

Please follow the instructions found in the Setup Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud lab.


In this lab, imagine you are an Enterprise that owns car service centers utlizing an on-premise CRM. You want to equip service center employees with iPhones, and build an app that will help them coordinate activities in the service center to improve service times and quality of service across potentialy tens of thousands of locations.

One important element in this solution it is to allow your employees to have access to the most accurate data about your customer, as a customer can engage with your Enterprise via multiple channels.

So through this example we will explore a possible architecture that would allow an Enterprise that already has an OnPrem CRM solution, to expose the CRM data to a mobile app for its Service Centers employees, so they can deliver better customer service.

We will be utilizing the IBM Cloud services:

scenario diagram

In this lab we will cover how to implement the solution above asynchronously. The mobile app will be reading from a cached data repository (DashDB) which will be updated as frequently as possibly. The mobile app will also be writing (creating new customers/visits) via a messaging system (MessageHub). This allows the CRM to consume updates in a more controlled flow, mitigating the peaks and valleys of a service center working day. So if needed, more resources can be added to the CRM to support more load throughout the day, to keep data updated with less latency.



Lab Steps

Head over to the lab’s GitHub repository to see the labs mentioned below.

# Lab Description
1 Overview This lab goes into detail about the data flow, how backend services are used, and what scenarios were considered.
2 Setup Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud This lab shows how to setup and configure a Mobile Foundation service on IBM Cloud.
3 Security Implementation Login This lab talks about how easy it is to integrate OAuth2 Security into your app.
4 MessageHub Adapter This lab talks about how to setup a MessageHub instance on IBM Cloud and create an adapter to create topics and send topics to MessageHub.
5 DashDB Adapter This lab shows how to instantiate a DashDB service and use an adapter to read data from a customers and visits table.
6 NodeJS CRM OnPrem This lab shows how to get the mock onPrem CRM running.
7 NodeJS CRM OnPrem This lab shows how to configure SecureGateway with your onPrem CRM to tunnel through a firewall.
8 Java MessageHub Consumer This lab shows how to create a Java runtime app on IBM Cloud to subscribe to topics.
9 Customer Adapter This lab shows how to mashup adapters so that any changes to resouces can be managed on the server side
10 Ionic Mobile App This lab shows how to integrate the Ionic App with the Adapters.
11 IBM Cloud Mobile Analytics This lab shows how to to use the IBM Cloud Mobile Analytics service to monitor the data for your business needs.
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