Product Features

Review all available tutorials to learn more about IBM Mobile Foundation 8.0.

Comprehensive Security Protect from mobile specific threats

App Lifecycle Management To reduce time and costs of operations and incremental updates

Mobile Analytics To better understand your users

  • Crash Analytics
    Make sure your app is stable, and that you can fix problems quickly.
  • App & API Performance Analytics
    Stay ahead of problems, and keep your app responsive.
  • App Usage Metrics & Custom Business Metrics
    Understand your users and how they use your app.
    Learn more about Analytics.

Backend Logic Engine To add server side logic to your app

  • Adapters
    Quickly develop & run server side code to communicate with your backend systems securely.
    Add your business logic, and make it dynamically configurable so you can change app behavior without recompile.
    Learn more about Adapters.
  • Dynamic Set-up of App Security & Back-End Configuration
    Make changes in real-time to the app security configuration (eg. authentication method, max number of login attempts allowed) or backend configuration (eg. Database URL), with zero downtime or recompile.

Push & Offline Sync Essential backend services that every app needs

  • Push and SMS Notifications
    Deliver messages to multiple platforms with a single API & send targeted messages from a web console.
    Learn more about Notifications.
  • JSONStore
    Encrypted on device storage & automated data sync for better app performance & offline access.
    Learn more about JSONStore.