MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1 Labs


During this lab session you will create the "Comrade" application. This app will be using adapter-based authentication, an HTTP JavaScript adapter and the recently introduced Cordova application project.

Development will be done using the Ionic Framework, MobileFirst Platform CLI and Atom as the main IDE.

You will also learn how to use Mobile Quality Assurance service on IBM Cloud. The application development will start with UI preparation using the Ionic Creator drag’n’drop tool. The created UI project will be then migrated to a MobileFirst platform Cordova application project and you will continue development from there.

Comrade app UI
Description: Register an account for Ionic Creator and use its drag’n’drop editor to create a simple UI for the application.
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Description: Using the MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1 CLI and the Atom code editor, migrate the Ionic project to a MobileFirst Cordova project. Create a server side project, deploy the application and establish server connectivity.
Time to complete: 40 minutes
Description: Using the MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1 CLI and the Atom, create an HTTP adapter to retrieve a list of comrades and display them inside the application.
Time to complete: 40 minutes
Description: Prepare a Details page and display there the details for a selected comrade.
Time to complete: 17 minutes
Description: Create a second adapter that will be responsible for authentication and for validating user credentials inside the adapter by following the adapter authentication concept.
Time to complete: 40 minutes
Description: Style the “Comrade” application using Ionic Framework style and custom classes. Time to complete: 50 minutes
Description: Get introduced to MobileFirst Platform capabilities: Remote Control and Analytics, including implementation of a custom charts.
Time to complete: 35 minutes
Description: Create an MQA service instance on IBM Cloud, add MQA SDK to hybrid application, establish the session and submit a bug report.
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Inclusive terminology note: The Mobile First Platform team is making changes to support the IBM® initiative to replace racially biased and other discriminatory language in our code and content with more inclusive language. While IBM values the use of inclusive language, terms that are outside of IBM's direct influence are sometimes required for the sake of maintaining user understanding. As other industry leaders join IBM in embracing the use of inclusive language, IBM will continue to update the documentation to reflect those changes.