Installing and Configuring the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server

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The Mobile Analytics Receiver server is optional server that can be deployed to send Mobile Foundation Analytics Events from mobile client applications instead of to the Mobile Foundation Server runtime. This deployment option enables offloading analytics events processing from the Mobile Foundation server runtime thereby allowing it’s resources to be fully utilized for runtime functions.

The MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server is delivered as single WAR file. You should install this in seperate server. You can install it with one of the following methods:

  • Installation with Ant tasks
  • Manual installation

After you installed the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server in the web application server of your choice, you have additional configuration to do. For more information, see Configuring MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server after installation below. If you choose a manual setup in the installer, see the documentation for the application server of your choice.

Note: Do not install more than one instance of MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server on a single host machine.

The analytics receiver WAR file is included with the MobileFirst Server installation. For more information, see Distribution structure of MobileFirst Server.

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Last modified on March 03, 2020