Installation and Configuration

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IBM Mobile Foundation provides development tools and server-side components that you can install on-premises or deploy to the cloud for test or production use. Review the installation topics appropriate for your installation scenario.

Installing a development environment

If you develop the client-side or the server-side of mobile apps, use either the MobileFirst Developer Kit or the Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud service to get started.

Installing a test or production server on-premises

IBM installations are based on an IBM product called IBM Installation Manager. Install IBM Installation Manager V1.8.4 or later separately before you install Mobile Foundation.

Important: Ensure that you use IBM Installation Manager V1.8.4 or later. The older versions of Installation Manager are not able to install Mobile Foundation V8.0 because the post-installation operations of the product require Java 7. The older versions of Installation Manager come with Java 6.

The MobileFirst Server installer copies onto your computer all the tools and libraries that are required for deploying MobileFirst Server components and optionally the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Application Center to your application server.

If you install a test or production server, start with Tutorials about MobileFirst Server installation below for a simple installation and to learn about the installation of MobileFirst Server. For more information about preparing an installation for your specific environment, see Installing MobileFirst Server for a production environment.

Tutorials about MobileFirst Server installation
Learn about the MobileFirst Server installation process by walking through the instructions to create a functional MobileFirst Server, cluster with two nodes on WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile. The installation can be done in two ways:

Afterwards you’ll have a working MobileFirst Server. However, you need to configure it, in particular for security, before you use the server. For more information, see Configuring MobileFirst Server.


Deploying MobileFirst Server to the cloud

If you plan to deploy MobileFirst Server to the cloud, see the following options:

Upgrading from earlier versions

For information about upgrading existing installations and applications to a newer version, see Upgrading to IBM Mobile Foundation V8.0.

Last modified on January 16, 2017