Adding the MobileFirst SDK

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The Mobile Foundation client SDKs provide a set of API methods that enable developers to implement various MobileFirst features, such as: authentication and security mechanisms, Push and SMS notifications, resource requests, collection of analytics data, and lots more.

You can develop mobile or Desktop web applications by using your preferred development environment and tools, and add MobileFirst features and capabilities to your client application as well as support for analytics data gathering

To create Cordova apps that are enabled for MobileFirst features, you use your preferred development tools that support Cordova such as the Apache Cordova CLI or Ionic and others. You obtain some software, such as plug-ins, code to support various target platforms, command-line tools, or an IDE directly from the supplier of your development tools. Then, to use MobileFirst capabilities, such as back-end services of MobileFirst Server, you add Cordova plug-ins that support MobileFirst features to your app. These plug-ins are included in the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Kit. You can also download these plug-ins from npm.

To develop native iOS/Android/Windows applications, you must add the MobileFirst framework files to your Xcode/Android Studio/Visual Studio project.

Learn in the following tutorials how to integrate the SDK into your application.
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Last modified on November 10, 2017