Setting up Mobile Foundation with Oracle database on IBM Cloud Private

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Out of the box IBM Mobile Foundation - ICP PPA package supports the use of IBM DB2 server. This tutorial focuses on extending the Mobile Foundation deployed on IBM Cloud Private (ICP) to use a remote Oracle database for storing Mobile Foundation data.


Before proceeding with the tutorial, following assumptions are made:

  • You have already set up IBM Cloud Private and loaded the IBM Mobile Foundation Passport Advantage Archive on ICP.
  • Setup of Mobile Foundation database tables that are created manually on a remote Oracle database server (Download and refer to the db scripts for Oracle database for Mobile Foundation server).
  • IBM Cloud Private CLI tooling is installed on the local computer (bx pr, docker, kube or cloudctl, etc.)

Note: During the helm deploy for DB2 databases, the tables are created automatically. For Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MySQL you have to create the tables manually before deploying the helm chart.

Artifacts that needs to be customized

The docker image of Mobile Foundation server has certain artifacts that can be customized to enable the Oracle DB support. Following are the files within the docker image that needs to be modified in order to have the containers created with Oracle related artifacts and configs.

  2. mfpfsqldb.xml - modified to support Oracle DB and related data sources.
  3. Include Oracle client JBDC driver.
  4. Update server.xml.

Note: The above file names are to be kept same in order to customize the base docker image.


  1. From the ICP console Catalog, ensure that the ibm-mfpf-* helm charts are loaded.
  2. Unzip the attachment ( to locate the Dockerfile and usr-mfpf-server that shows the directory structure and a sample Dockerfile for use.
  3. Modify the Dockerfile in such a way so as to use the image version correction on which the docker image has to be extended.
    Example :
    FROM mycluster.icp:8500/default/mfpf-server:<a.b.c.d>
    a.b.c.d is the image version which is available in the image registry.
  4. Follow the instructions in the blog for customizing the docker image and create the Mobile Foundation server pods.
  5. Once the docker image is extended with the above steps, the ICP console can be used to deploy the Helm chart for the Mobile Foundation server. Make sure the new image is supplied.

For customization or extending the docker image see how to customize the Mobile Foundation component deployed on IBM Cloud Private (ICP).

Note: For MySQL and PostgreSQL databases the appropriate JDBC drivers has to be used.

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Last modified on May 17, 2019